Little Lupe Fuentes


Little Lupe Fuentes is still going strong after nearly 5 years in the adult industry. Lupe continues to release HOT new videos and pictures for her members to enjoy. Along with launching all kinds of new ventures, like a clothing line, and an all girl pop group (The Ex Girlfriends – We are the party). Her dedication to her members and fans is truly unmatched in this industry. As a member of the Little Lupe Fuentes website, you not only get UNCENSORED access to years worth of content, but also a chance to interact with Lupe 1-on-1, watch her live cam shows, read her personal blog, and so much more! So what are you waiting for?! Show Lupe some love by joining the Lupe Fuentes VIP section!

Little Lupe Fuentes


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Lupe Fuentes Skateboard


Lupe Fuentes continues to release hot new videos and pictures on a weekly basis for her VIP members to enjoy. Lupe truly loves her job and has TONS of cute little outfits that she parades around in in her various scene settings. With more than 5 years in the business under her belt, Lupe Fuentes truly knows how to please. Check out the free pictures of Lupe rolling around on her skateboard below for a sneak peak at today’s sexy update. Once you are ready for instant UNCENSORED access to her entire collection of videos and pictures be sure to Join Lupe Fuentes! As a member you get access to all of her content, free live webcam shows, and much more!

Lupe Fuentes Skateboarding Pictures

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Lupe Fuentes Valentine’s


Lupe Fuentes continues to amaze her fans with the overwhelming amount of videos and pictures she adds to her site on a weekly basis. Lupe loves sexy themes for these updates and with yesterday being Valentine’s Day, could not resist making a sexy VDay themed set for her VIP members. Lupe Fuentes loves to please her fans and on top of her weekly content updates she also does multiple live cam shows per week (Free to her members or get your own personal show via the Lupe Fuentes Webcam) as well as appearances at all of the industry related events and more. Below is a sample picture gallery of this set which will give you a sneak peak at her members only content. Be sure to Join Lupe Fuentes for instant UNCENSORED access to her entire collection!

Lupe Fuentes Valentine's Day Pictures

Lupe Fuentes Lollipop


Lupe Fuentes has taken full control of her exclusive website in the past few weeks. Lupe was limited in many ways before under her managing company but now has open reigns to do whatever she pleases. Since taking full control of the site Lupe Fuentes has been updating at an amazing rate – adding TONS of sexy videos and pictures for her members to enjoy, as well as multiple live cam shows each and every week (free for her members). Having been a member of Lupe Fuentes since the launch of her site I can say that she is far more active than ever before, and she has ALWAYS been active. To get instant UNCENSORED access to her entire collection be sure to Join Lupe Fuentes! Alternatively you can have your own 1 on 1 with this hot little Latina via the amazing Lupe Fuentes Webcam site!

Lupe Fuentes Lollipop Pictures

Lupe Fuentes Pictures


Lupe Fuentes is pretty in pink in these newest set of pictures from her exclusive website. Lupe knows just how to tease and does so often in her many solo sets. Inside her website you will find an incredible collection of pictures and videos featuring Lupe Fuentes solo and with her various boyfriends and girlfriends. She loves to take member requests both for upcoming updates and her live cam shows that she does on a weekly basis. So check out the free Lupe Fuentes pictures below to get a sneak peak inside. If you are ready for UNCENSORED access be sure to Join Lupe Fuentes.

Lupe Fuentes Pictures

Lupe Fuentes Lesbian Video


Lupe Fuentes is still going strong with her constant video updates. Lupe adds new videos and pictures to her exclusive website multiple times per week, does a live 2 hour cam show at least once per week, continues to travel across the US meeting her fans, and so much more. It is obvious that Lupe Fuentes truly enjoys what she does and will continue to do so for a long time to come, luckily for us she documents all of her sexual adventures on I Love Lupe! This Lupe Fuentes lesbian video features the gorgeous Eva Angelina and is without a doubt one of the hottest Latina lesbian scenes you will ever see. For UNCENSORED access to Lupe’s entire collection of sexy videos and pictures, live cam shows, and much more, be sure to join her at the Official Lupe Fuentes Website!

Lupe Fuentes Blowjob


Lupe Fuentes is the blowjob queen and she proves it again today in this free picture gallery. Lupe continues to dominate the adult industry with her sexual nature. This year alone she had already won 6 awards and continues to be nominated for more going into 2011. Lupe Fuentes has bagged awards for “Favorite New Starlet”, “Latina Star Of The Year”, “Best Interactive Movie”, and many more! Most of these are based upon the content contained within her official website I Love Lupe. The pictures below are merely a sample of the hot hardcore content that Lupe produces multiple times per week for her VIP members. When you are ready for your own up close and personal experience with Lupe Fuentes herself be sure to head on over to and show her your support!

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Lupe Fuentes Girl On Girl


Lupe Fuentes to continues to add new content multiple times per week. Lupe’s collection of naughty videos and pictures is growing at such an incredible rate that you are sure to find more than enough to suit your tastes no matter what they are. Lately Lupe Fuentes has been recruiting many of her hot new girlfriends to engage in hot girl on girl action. In the set I chose for today’s post Lupe is joined by her hot little Latina friend as the two dig through the closet, changing into various outfits, before eventually finding one of Lupe’s long lost dildos. The two take turns going down on each other and toying with the dildo in one of the hottest lesbian scenes I have seen since being a member. Check out the free Lupe Fuentes pictures below to get a glimpse at what she has to offer and then head on over to I Love Lupe for UNCENSORED access!

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Lupe Fuentes Vibe Video


Lupe Fuentes sure knows how to please her fans! Within Lupe’s members area she has a section for requests and she promptly fills them with her multiple weekly updates. Lupe Fuentes is without a doubt one of the most sexual women in the adult entertainment business. All of Lupe’s VIP members gain access to her entire collection of sexy videos and pictures. I was able to grab a couple of clips from these videos to give you a sneak peak as what Lupe Fuentes has to offer. In the free Lupe Fuentes video below she starts out by seductively removing her sexy attire before pulling out one of her favorite toys and going to work on her perfect pussy. For instant UNCENSORED access to this video and many more be sure to sign up at her personal website I Love Lupe. As an added bonus, you also get free access to her weekly cam shows!

Lupe Fuentes Porn


Lupe Fuentes is putting all of the doubters to shame and proving that she is one of the top pornstars online. Lupe continues to do multiple live cam shows per week for her members, she is constantly shooting new content (both softcore and hardcore), and she continues to make appearances to meet her fans live in person. Lupe Fuentes sure has come a long way since her days as Little Lupe. She now has years in the business and it further proves that Lupe truly enjoys getting fucked on film for men and women across the world to enjoy. Her newest content is hotter than ever and if you are not yet a Lupe Fuentes VIP Member you are truly missing out! As a member you not only gain access to all of the content that she has released as Lupe Fuentes, but you also gain access to her historical content as well (with her petite natural frame). Check out the free pictures below of Lupe and friend taking on a big dick. For instant UNCENSORED access to all of her hot porn videos be sure to join her at I Love Lupe!

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